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Moonstone Ring

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Moonstone Ring

Moonstone Ring

If you’re looking for a moonstone ring with a little extra sparkle, take a look at our rainbow moonstone rings. Did you know that the rainbow moonstone is a sister of the moonstone? We especially work with the rainbow moonstone because it has just that extra little it of edge. But is has the same positive vibes and is still perfect to combine with your clothing or other Jewelry pieces. We offer moonstone rings with a combination of 925 sterling silver rings or 18 karat layered gold. Take a look at all our silver rings here and gold here.

All our jewelry is handmade by the finest artisans in Bali. We are proud of all the attention to detail that goes into our Jewelry. Each gemstone is cut by hand. We offer our moonstone rings with different shaped gemstones. Like the Aria Ring with hexagon cut rainbow moonstone in 925 sterling silver and 18 karat gold. Or the Ruby and Sheila MS with teardrop moonstone.

Statement rings

Do you love big statement rings that will catch the eye? Take a look at our Aurora ring if you prefer silver. This is a big statement ring of around 3 cm, with big teardrop moonstone gemstone. If you prefer gold, our Delilah ring is perfect for you. It has a similar rainbow teardrop shape and full of detailed rope finishings.

Jewelry Collection Route508

We offer a range of unique rings that will stand out and must be seen. Our designs are outspoken and are known for their bohemian style and mixture of bold, intricate and whimsical designs - fit for everyday adventures. They are both stylish and classy as bold and mysterious. It’s just how you wear them. Timeless pieces. As all our Jewelry is hand crafted they are full of detailed finishings.

Taking care of your Moonstone Ring

A gemstone will not tarnish and is known for their sustainability. It’s important to maintain them well though. A gemstone is known for their positive healing effects. It can give you strength and positive energy. But a moonstone ring can also drain negative energy. To clense a moonstone ring from negative energy you’re best to lay him down in a tub of soil for 24hrs. After doing this lie the moonstone ring two nights in moonlight (it’s fine to keep him behind glass) and it’s fully recharged with positive energy.

Meaning Moonstone Ring

The strongest effect from the Moonstone ring is calming your emotions. The moonstone is a feminine stone and ensures more empathy. It also stands for new beginnings, as he symbolises the cycle of change. A moonstone ring will bring out the goddess in you!

All our Jewelry is handcrafted in Bali

All our accessories and Jewelry is handcrafted in Bali. Our collection consists out of handcrafted leather bags and Jewelry, like moonstone rings, and bracelets. We’re happy to enable to give back to this beautiful island with it’s rich culture and remarkable people.

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