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About Route508

Amsterdam based and founded in June 2015, Route508 is a road to big adventure. Back in June, I, Alexandra Tolsma the brain behind Route508, just resigned my comfortable life and very well paid job and started thinking about the life I wanted to build, the person I wanted to be. (Yes, the classic thirty dilemma ;)  I made a cliché list of all the things that made me happy and wanted to continue in doing. Before I knew it, Route508 was born.

The name Route508 comes from that journey, we are all on our way.. We are all so busy nowadays, we live in a fast paced life where we run from work to friends, to home to family - and we each have our own journey, our own route. In the end we are all looking for that road to happiness. (cheesy, but true ;)

I soon decided I wanted to see the world, travel, break free from what society believes you should do and be in touch with different cultures and languages. This resulted in starting an online business selling online accessories. Not accessories you could just get anywhere across the road, but exclusive unique products from around the globe.

This got me to travel to Bali and build the connections that in time learned to be so valuable. I’ve created our first collection by importing home accessories, handcrafted bohemian jewelry and leather bags from local suppliers there, like Kim Soo in Seminyak – they have the most wonderful home accessories and if you are there absolutely a must to visit.

After finally releasing Route508.com in October last year we soon started to add labels that were close to our hearts. We work with labels that share a mutual love for handcrafted, unique accessories and are very proud to have been able to add Mahiya Leather as one of our first members to the Route508 family. Mahiya is known for their boho chic style of beautifully hand tooled leather designs of their bags, clutches and leather wallets with tassels and fringing. We’ve since expanded working with equally amazing bohemian labels, like KiVARi, Keijewelry and IAMU Collective all from far away dreamy places.

A year after starting Route508 we now launched our very own first collection. Now we don’t only sell other labels, we got our own! Asides selling directly to you, we now also do wholesale.

Route508 the label is build on that same sense of adventure, freedom & fun. We are dreamers and wanderers who strive to break free from the mundane routines of everyday life.We offer a range of high quality handcrafted jewelry and leather bags all bohemian inspired with a mixture of bold, intricate and whimsical designs - fit for everyday adventures.

Inspired by its rich culture and remarkable people, all our accessories from Route508 the label are made by local manufacturers in Bali. Allowing us to give back to this amazing island. Staying away from mass production we treasure true artisan craftsmanship and are proud of the care and attention to detail that goes into our work. Making sure each item is as unique as you are.

If I’ve learned anything this last year, is that you can’t plan life. Dream big & seize the opportunity. Embrace the uncomfortabilty of the chaos that comes with change and love every second of it.

Happy shopping, I hope you like what you see & don’t be afraid to give up the good for the great.


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