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Payment methods

Our payment methods are a very important part of our service.
We therefore offer a wide range of options, like paying through your own online bank, pay with Creditcard or PayPal and we hope that one of the options we offer will suit your needs. 

Here is a complete list of the payment methods we offer;

If you prefer to pay with your creditcard we offer payment solutions through MasterCard and Visa.

If you prefer to pay online, PayPal is the largest international online payment platform who offers a safe solution. You'll need a login to be able to pay through PayPal and the amount of your order will be taken from your bank account through direct debit within the next 4 days.  We also offer the PayPal Express login option within your cart, which enables a fast check out - after logging into your PayPal account you don't need to register your adress and details with us. 

If you live in Belgium and bank with Belfius we offer their own online payment solution for fast and direct payment. 

Bancontact / Mister Cash
Mister Cash is by far the most popular method of payment in Belgium, which we also offer as one of our payment solutions.  

SOFORT Banking
If you are living in Germany, we also provide the payment solution of Sofort Banking. Do note that it can take up to two days before your bank will proceed to payment, and we will only start proccessing your order once we've received a confirmation of transfer. 

If you live in Germany and rather pay directly, you can use Giropay. You will be able to pay directly via internet banking to complete your order, your order will be processed immediately.

MyBank is an upcoming payment solution in Europe, which enables you to pay through your own personal banking system via internet banking. At the moment Mybank covers all banks in Italy, Luxembourg and a few in France, but is on the rise to cover more banks quickly

If you live in the Netherlands we offer te largest online payment solution which covers most banks and is the best choice for a fast & save payment.  

If you still have questions, please contact us via info@route508.com.